About the experience:

  • ​"The best thing about the trip was the people. Everyone was smart, bright, always helpful, stayed positive, and were good workers." - Max
  • "Seeing how our service and the service of others through MDS affected not just the individuals we built homes for, but the entire community was humbling. The entire town was so gracious to us and grateful for the positive impact MDS was having on their town. It was amazing to see God's love spread through service in that way." - Kelsey

For more information go to: https://mds.mennonite.net/youth-programs/

About the experience:

  • ​"It was an amazing trip, getting to experience the culture and meet new people. I enjoyed the church service and being able to worship with other believers, even though I don't speak the language, the sense of fellowship was the same. " - Faith

  • "There's no better feeling than going out and worshiping in a different culture with fellow believers!" - Alyssa

  • ​"I wouldn't change the experience of worshiping with another culture for the world. I could tell how much sorrow and pain these people in Puerto Rico were in, but they were still praising our creator. And to me, that's the deepest and most pure form of worship." - Shakoya

Pastor Dave Mansfield, Deacon Ron Long, Deaconess Robin Nafziger, 

LM of Administration Ezra Nafziger Sr.

Administration Commission

Leadership & Ministry Teams

Pastor Dave Mansfield, Ron Long (Deacon), Robin Nafziger (Deaconess),

Ezra Nafziger Sr. (LM of Administration), Eliza Bates (LM of Church Life),

Stacey Mansfield (LM of Education), Marcus Kolb  (LM of Missions), 

Ken Hunsberger (LM of Worship), Kelsey Ruth (LM of Youth)  

Elder Team


Leadership & Ministry Teams

Ezra Nafziger Sr. (LM of Administration, Chair), Peter Miller (Assistant LM of Administration),

Ben Kolb (Trustee), Kevin Landis (Trustee), Anthony Miller (Trustee), Steve Breidigan (Treasurer)

    I became a servant of this gospel by the gift of God’s grace given me through the working of His power.

Ephesians 3:7

Pastor Dave Mansfield

Lay Ministry Team