Ministries We Support

When donating through PayPal, please make note of where you would like your donation to be applied, such as the General Offering or a combination of ministries.  You can include your giving envelope number as a "note" in PayPal. Please note that PayPay charges a small processing fee on each transaction.  You can help cover this by adding $1 to your gift.  The entire amount will be recorded as a donation. 

​​​Tithes & Offerings 

If you currently support Vincent Mennonite Church​...


The Ann Frances Outreach Foundation (Pottstown, PA, and surrounding)

Genesis Pregnancy Care Center (Pottstown, PA)


Mennonite Disaster Services (MDS) 


Mennonite Missions Network 
RescueNet (International Disaster Recovery Organization)
The Worm Project
Youth With a Mission (YWAM) 

Your giving is greatly appreciated and makes a difference in lives around the globe.