Peter Miller, LM of Administration
Harold Guntz, Ass't LM of Administration
Ben Kolb, Trustee
Kevin Landis, Trustee
Anthony Miller, Trustee
Steve Breidigan, Treasurer

Vincent Mennonite Church is more than a place to gather on a Sunday morning. It is even more than a place to learn about God's truths. Vincent is a place where people gather to meet family and friends and to encourage and nourish each other with stories of faith and words of hope.  It is a place where families feel safe bringing their children and the children feel nurtured and accepted by others.

​​The leaders and members are interested in their own spiritual growth and the growth of others and strive to live their faith on a daily basis.  

People of differing backgrounds and abilities can come to Vincent and know that they are welcome and loved.

Leadership & Ministry Teams

We ascribe to the Mennonite Confession of Faith, 1995. 

Our Beliefs

Pastor Dave served with YWAM (Youth With A Mission) for 20 years. He was the international Chairman for RescueNet, a faith-based rapid-deployment disaster response team. They have over 100 members in 16 countries ready to deploy into disaster around the globe within 24 hours.

Pastor Dave and his wife, Stacey, moved here from the Las Vegas valley along with their two sons after many years of ministry there.

Elder Team

Dave Mansfield, Pastor

Ron Long, Deacon

Deaconess (role currently open), 

Peter Miller, LM of Administration 

Get to know us 

Pastor Dave Mansfield​​

Lay Ministry Team

Dave Mansfield, Pastor

Ron Long, Deacon

Deaconess, (role currently open)

Peter Miller, Administration

Marsha Weaver, Church Life

Erika Landis, Education

Phillip Hunsberger, Missions

Susan Guntz, Worship

Jon Niles, Youth