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Franconia Conference 


From July 23 to August 2, 2016 a team of volunteers sent by Vincent Mennonite Church served at Academia Mononita Betania at Aibonito, Puerto Rico. Academia Menonita Betania is a private, Christian, bilingual school serving around 160 students from kindergarten through 9th grade. It was founded in 1947 and is a member of Mennonite Education Agency (MEA).​​

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Aibonito, Puerto Rico

Youth Mission Trip

Academia Menonita Betania - July 2016


Dale and Beth Nafziger​​

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​​Dale and Bethsaba Nafziger and their two daughters serve as missionaries in Nepal. Bethsaba is a nurse/midwife. She also serves through counseling, local church leadership, and Top of the World Coffeeemployee relations. Dale provides jobs for local people through Top of the world Coffee, and promotes ethical business via Great Commission Companies. He also preaches and serves the local church.

​​The volunteers from Vincent worked on renovations to an apartment and a casita at the school that are currently being used to house volunteers. The Mennonite Volunteer Service unit in Puerto Rico is supported by the Convención de las Iglesias Evangélicas Menonitas de Puerto Rico (Puert Rico Mennonite Conference). The Puert Rico Mennonite Conference has a strong history of supporting health and education initiatives. Many church members work, volunteer, or sit on the boards of the Mennonite Hospital System and the two Mennonite private schools on the island.

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In July of 2017, a team from Vincent joined others from MDS to help the residents of Pine Ridge Reservation rebuild housing that was destroyed during severe weather conditions in 2015. 

Pine Ridge, South Dakota

MDS - Youth Mission Trip

Pine Ridge Reservation - July 2017