Women's Sewing Circle​​

Since 1948, Vincent has had a Women's Sewing Circle, which is also known as the Women's Missionary Service Commission (WMSC). On December 9, 2009 WMSC celebrated their 900th consecutive monthly meeting.

Sewing Circle is an active and growing ministry at Vincent. There are currently between 12 and 14 regular attendees on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. Several of those are women from the community. Vija Long and Linda Lindberg are planning to schedule a “Tea” and will extend an invitation to the community. This has been a great way to meet new people and to support charities which include the making of School Kits for MMN, and Genesis Pregnancy Care Center. The Sewing Circle has made afghans, crocheted items, and collected funds to donate for the purchase of baby formula.

The picture below features a quilt that was made by Vincent's Sewing Circle and was donated to MMN for distribution.

Yadira López Lucas spent months at the Mennonite House in San Antonio. After being released last spring from the Karnes detention center about an hour and a half from Dilley, she had become the Mennonite House’s de facto caretaker as she waited for her case to wind its way through the system. With her were her sons, David and Daniel, and her daughter, Melany.

New York Times - Mar. 22, 2016   

June 14, 2017 - The Sewing Circle Tea

On Wednesday, June 14, the Women's Sewing Circle hosted a tea luncheon and comforter knotting event in the church fellowship hall. This is a time each year to meet new people, whether they are guests invited by those who already attend or women from the community who learn about us through community outreach.

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